Tuesday, December 01, 2015

New Assignment Tutorial
What's New
  • The Auto Liability, General Liability, Property, and Workers’ Compensation forms have been condensed into a single New Assignment form.
  • A "Remember Me" feature has been added to capture your contact information the first time you submit an assignment to Crawford & Company. On subsequent visits, your contact information will be populated on any form that you choose as long as you don’t clear the cookies on your computer.
  • Multiple attachments functionality has been added to the New Assignment form.
  • The New Assignment Tutorial is a short training video on the proper completion of a New Assignment form. It highlights the importance of entering the correct assignment of work zip code so that new claims can be routed to the correct Crawford branch office.
To submit an assignment for a claim, select the appropriate type on the left and complete the online form. Once the form is complete, your information will be sent to the Crawford branch closest to the claim for processing. If you experience any technical difficulties, simply contact Crawford Claims Alert, our toll-free claims intake center, at:
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